VidTags Reseller

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We've spent thousands of dollars and months of effort working day and night on VidTags.

Everything from creating the  platform, setting up the products, writing and developing the sales copy, making and recording videos (for sales pages AND all of the training in the members area).

That's just the beginning. We've tested, tweaked and polished every part of this sales funnel
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Sell VidTags- Direct to Clients

Let's assume you have a list...

You know how effective, stable and easy to use VidTags is and you want to sell it directly to your clients.

Maybe you want to run personalized interactive emails using VidTags as a service….

This Reseller License gives you full control to do all that and more…

Here's What You Get Today...
When You Claim 
ViidCloud Reseller

  • Done for you sales pages (you just send the traffic)
  • Our proven-to-convert sales videos (they're already in the sales pages)
  • Your customers get shown the upgrades for VidTags, also with their own pages, copy and videos already done.
  • Make 100% on each sale you make, for VidTags AND it's upgrades.

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